Joseph had caused the vessel to run aground, because he
had refused, out of jealousy of Judah and Levi, to steer it
according to their instructions. Then Jacob asked us to
show him the spot where we had lost the ship, of which only
the masts were visible above the water. He emitted a
whistle summoning us all, and he swam out into the water,
and raised the vessel as before. Turning to Joseph, he spake
thus, 'My son, never do that again, never permit jealousy of
thy brethren to master thee. Nearly it happened that all thy
brethren perished because of thee.'

"When I told my father what I had seen in this vision,
he clasped his hands, and tears flowed from his eyes, and be
said: 'My son, for that the vision was doubled unto thee
twice, I am dismayed, and I shudder for my son Joseph. I

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